Ask The Experts
Video Resources For COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation

Watch short videos from experienced clinicians and get the answers you need for better implementation. The Extension for Community Health Outcomes (ECHO) and I-VAC have partnered with experienced clinicians throughout Illinois to create short, easy-to-follow videos to answer key questions in vaccine implementation, outreach, and uptake!

Explore Our “Ask the Expert” Series Below:

Why Vaccinate Against COVID-19?

How Do I Set Up a Vaccine Clinic?

How Can Patients Alleviate Long COVID Symptoms?

How Can Providers Help their Patients Alleviate Long COVID Symptoms?

How Should Kids be Masked?

Do I PCR Test After a Positive Antigen Test?

Do I Need a 4th Vaccine Dose if I’m Immunocompromised?

Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for people who are pregnant or lactating?

How can Providers Combat COVID Vaccine Hesitancy?

How do we handle international COVID vaccinations?

How is COVID treated in Outpatient Settings?

How Can Our Clinic Safely Store COVID Vaccinations?

My Patient Tested COVID+. How Long Should They Really Isolate For?

How Should We Be Masking Now?

When Doing an At-home COVID Test, Should You Swab Your Throat Too?

Why are COVID Vaccinations Important for Children?


I-VAC offers a number of free resources and tools to help you and your team implement the COVID-19 vaccination into your workflows and drive higher vaccination rates in your community.

  • Self-Guided COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation Toolkit
  • Outreach resources to easily promote COVID-19 vaccines in your communities
  • Exclusive training resources and recordings from our bootcamps and learning collaborations
  • Beyond the Needle Podcast – A Physician’s Guide to Increasing COVID-19 Vaccination Rates