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A Physician’s Guide to Increasing COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Welcome to Beyond the Needle, a podcast for and by physicians. Sit down with our weekly guest primary care clinicians as we tackle the real-world barriers to COVID-19 vaccination uptake and share our experiences with implementation. Together, we’ll uncover practical solutions to help you and your team incorporate the COVID-19 vaccine into your practice and increase vaccination rates amongst your patients.

Working to honor the struggles and traumas of the pandemic, we will empower the primary care clinician to feel confident in implementing COVID-19 vaccinations so that their patients can receive the vaccine within their usual site of care.

Join I-VAC Faculty and primary care clinicians from across the state as they share the highs and lows of their experiences and lessons learned throughout the pandemic.

Together, we’ll cover topics like:

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Thank you for joining us as we come together to vaccinate against COVID-19.

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23. The Changing Landscape of COVID-19

COVID-19's shift from a designated public health emergency isn't an end. Rather, it’s a transition in the battle against the virus. We explore the impacts of this decision, the continued need for testing and vaccinations, and the vital role of vigilance against new variants. Topics include: - Updates since public health emergency (PHE) ended - What has remained the same since the PHE ended - Changes in perception of COVID-19 and vaccines - Keeping up with new information about changes regarding COVID-19 vaccines

22. Trust Erosion & Vaccine Skepticism in the Post-COVID World

We are witnessing alarming levels of trust erosion and vaccine skepticism that have emerged in the post-COVID world.  Join us as we take a deeper look into this critical issue with Christina Wells, MD, MPH, DipABLM, FAAFP and Marian Sassetti, MD, FAAFP. They map out effective strategies for overcoming these challenges. Topics include: - Practical methods to track and communicate vaccine schedules - The vital role of healthcare providers in advocating for vaccines - Innovative ways to improve vaccine delivery Emphasizing the significance of accurately communicating the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine, we delve into the potential repercussions of decreased vaccine uptake.

21. The Continued Importance of Offering and Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccinations

New evidence and updated research concerning COVID-19 and vaccines is released daily. The benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines go far beyond just preventing severe COVID-19. Join our expert faculty as they discuss the continued importance of offering and encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations. As new data is published, we should be continually providing that information to our patients. We can keep those conversations going by sharing that data in meaningful ways for our patients. Amid the misinformation that circulates, we can be a trusted resource for patients for reliable information about vaccines and their importance.

20. Mainstreaming COVID-19 Vaccinations and Maintaining Protections

The new normal. Physicians discuss the importance of our interactions with patients to show we are thinking about their health and prevention as a whole. This includes mainstreaming COVID-19 vaccinations and maintaining protections to keep them healthy. Rather than isolating COVID-19, they share ways they are integrating these conversations as part of the normal discussions about immunizations and preventative health. They remind us that as trusted caregivers, if we don't bring something up, it doesn't seem important. So, the more we bring it up, the more important it becomes.

19. Long COVID – Part 2 of 2, A Pulmonologist’s Long COVID Journey

Dr. Stephanie LaBedz, a pulmonary and critical care physician, shares how her experience with long COVID has helped in her approach to patients suffering from long COVID. She talks about what family physicians should understand about long COVID. There are many ways that patients with long COVID can present. We may not always know or recognize which conditions are related to long COVID. As physicians, it is important to review a patient’s medical history in order to identify what may be causing the current symptoms.

18. Long COVID – Part 1 of 2, What We Know, What We are Learning

Physicians share their experiences and insights on long COVID to help equip clinicians dealing with patients who present with long COVID symptoms. It is important to understand the broad differential, listen to patients when they say, "Something doesn't feel right," and be familiar with the full variety of symptoms. Topics Include • Clarification on what is commonly referred to as long COVID • Some of the most common symptoms of long COVID • Overview of major systems that are impacted by COVID-19 • What should I know as a family physician?

17. Physicians’ Reflections & Moving Forward After the Pandemic – Part 2 of 2

Physicians share their reflections on the the pandemic & discuss how we, as a community of healers, can collectively move forward. Topics include: 1. How practices have changed - both in day-to-day activities clinical activities and long-term 2. Ways to incorporate technology to improve patients’ overall health 3. Impacts from COVID on stress levels and mental health for patients and clinicians 4. Ideas to we keep momentum going to incorporate these "crisis management" principles currently in place

16. Physicians’ Reflections & Moving Forward After the Pandemic – Part 1 of 2

Trauma, collaboration, community, crisis, grief, perseverance, fear, uncertainty, mistrust, resilience. Physicians reflect on the evolution of the pandemic in the past year. They share their experiences & engage in discussion about how we, as a community of healers, can collectively move forward. How do we prevent this from happening again? What can we do to rebuild the trust of our patients? How does the medical community heal from our own trauma?

15. The Importance of COVID-19 Vaccination in Adult Populations

With so much attention in the news about bivalent boosters and trying to keep up with changes in vaccination schedule guidelines, some of the focus has shifted away from having conversations with adults who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID at all. Corinne Kohler, MD, FAAFP, Carl Earl Lambert, Jr., MD, FAAFP, and Marian R. Sassetti, MD, FAAFP remind us of the importance of making certain that everyone who is eligible for the COVID vaccines have them. Join them as they discuss where are we at right now, what we can do now to keep the traction, and what has improved, or sometimes hurt, encouraging people to get vaccinated.

14. How to Compromise with Immunocompromised Patients about COVID-19

No one is immune to COVID affecting their lives in some way. This is especially true for people with compromised immune systems and people they interact with. Timothy Ott, DO, FAAFP, IAFP President, Christopher Smyre, MD, and Carl Lambert, Jr., MD, FAAFP, will discuss the additional challenges & concerns these patients may have when considering whether to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. They will talk about ways to prevent getting COVID and treatment options for those in various immunocompromised states.


We’re building this series based on the needs of our provider community. We want to hear from you! Send us your questions, concerns, and thoughts on COVID-19 vaccine implementation and our staff will work to address these throughout the series.

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