Supporting COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts in Illinois

Vaccine Implementation
Support, Education, and Resources

The goal of I-VAC is to ensure Illinoisans are being immunized against COVID-19 at every opportunity. Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nurses, Pharmacists, Medical Assistants, Vaccine Administrators, and provider organizations throughout Illinois are encouraged to participate in this free program. Participants will receive support in their own initiatives to integrate COVID-19 vaccine administration into routine patient care workflows in primary care settings, hospital urgent care centers, and upon hospital discharge.

Covid Vaccine Training Bootcamps

COVID-19 Vaccine
Training Bootcamps

Everything you and your team needs to know about COVID-19 vaccine administration

Join an in-person or web-based bootcamp that covers topics including:

  • Operational best practices, including preparing for commercialization
  • Handling, storage, and preparation
  • Strategies for overcoming vaccine hesitancy through culturally and linguistically appropriate methods
  • Clinical guidance for adult and pediatric populations

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Online Learning

Discuss and solve real-world barriers to COVID-19 vaccine implementation
  • Live web-based learning collaborative sessions with other health care providers

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Online Learning Collaboratives

Vaccine Administration and
Distribution Resources

Unlimited access to the tools you need to drive higher vaccination rates in your community.


A self-guided educational toolkit designed to help healthcare providers & provider organizations integrate COVID-19 vaccines into clinical & patient workflows

Explore a wide range of digital and print outreach materials to normalize and promote COVID-19 vaccination in your communities

Training resources and recordings from our COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Bootcamps and Learning Collaboratives (for enrolled participants)

Listen in as our guest primary care clinicians tackle the real-world barriers to COVID-19 vaccination uptake and share our experiences with implementation

Beyond The
Needle Podcast

Join I-VAC faculty and primary care clinicians from across the state as they tackle the real-world barriers to COVID-19 vaccination uptake and share their experiences with implementation. Discover practical solutions to help you and your team incorporate the COVID-19 vaccine into your practice and increase vaccination rates amongst your patients.

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Together, we’ll cover topics like:

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Reducing Disparities & Preventive Medicine’s Impact
Implementation Support

Implementation Support

Connect with local providers in your area for personalized support and guidance.
General Implementation Support


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guidance for improved

Technical support
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A Thank You To
All Providers

I-VAC understands that primary care practices and hospitals are essential in COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Illinois. We recognize all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that providers and provider organizations have made throughout the pandemic and are grateful for your continued work in protecting our populations.


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