Vaccine Resources


Participants in our COVID-19 Vaccine Bootcamps and Learning Collaboratives can also find:

  • Bootcamp recordings
  • Vaccine hesitancy training materials
  • and more!

Each of these resources will be made available here through our participant portal. Participants will receive login credentials upon enrollment.

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The Self-Guided I-VAC Toolkit
for COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation

I-VAC’s self-guided educational toolkit was developed to help providers and provider organizations successfully integrate COVID-19 vaccines into clinical workflows. Our toolkit includes information and resources covered in the vaccine bootcamp sessions including:

Being a COVOID-19 vaccinator in Illinois

Being a COVID-19
vaccinator in Illinois

Operational Information

Operational Information

Clinical Resources

Clinical Resources

Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccine Hesitancy

Outreach Strategies

Outreach Strategies

Outreach Resources

Patient-facing materials dedicated to normalizing vaccines are crucial to the successful integration of COVID-19 vaccines into routine clinical workflows. I-VAC has developed and gathered outreach collateral that providers and provider organizations can use for these efforts.

Patient Handouts

Provider Handouts

An outreach bundle will
be mailed upon request!

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Social Media Images

Browse over 50 new downloadable social media images that help provide up-to-date vaccine information and promote staying up-to-date with vaccines. Click here or on any of the images to the right to browse the full library.

I-VAC Podcast

I-VAC includes a podcast series dedicating to support COVID-19 vaccine integration. Each week a 30-minute episodes will be made available to providers. These podcasts will feature subject matter experts from around Illinois who will cover topics like:

  • COVID-19 vaccines for pediatric populations
  • Vaccine hesitancy
  • Vaccine development
  • How to launch a COVID-19 vaccination clinics
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on patients with chronic diseases
  • and much more

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