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3.  Motivational Interviewing During the Uncertain Times of COVID-19

Episode Description

Vaccine recommendation fatigue is very real. We’ve all been experiencing it. But don’t beat yourself up over it!  Join Mustafa Alavi, MD and Christina Wells, MD, MPH, FAAFP as they host Rachel Caskey, MD, MA and Amy Christison, MD to help breakdown motivational interviewing (MI) into simple steps and lay the groundwork for addressing vaccine hesitancy. They address ways of dealing with a patient’s “no” or “not now” decision, without taking it personally or getting burn out.

This two-part series is intended for clinicians with any range of MI familiarity. In part two, they will share how to apply these techniques and share real world experiences.

Learning Objectives:
• Summarize the principles and main concepts of motivational interviewing
• Recognize a patient’s state of change
• Discuss ways to help patients make a more informed decision without building resistance against open communication.

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